Our urology center provides medical and surgical care of both male and female urinary systems, as well as of the male reproductive system. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists in incontinence, urologic cancer, vasectomy, prostate disease, infertility, stone disease, and reconstructive surgery. We also have a dedicated section of pediatric urology, as well as modern facilities that enable us to perform laparoscopic surgery, laser surgery and robotic surgery on our patients.

All physicians working in our urology center are board-certified, many of them have additional fellowship training in various areas such as pediatric urology surgery and reconstructive urology surgery. We take pride in offering our staff the best training available today so that they can keep pace with the latest news in this industry. Our center features advanced equipment and techniques, being, therefore, an excellent choice for all urology patients who want to benefit from the latest state of the art equipment and medical devices. All our physicians attend regular training sessions that enable them to stay updated with the scientific and medical progress in their area of activity.

If you’re a patient of any of the local drug centers, such as this detox center in West Palm Beach, we are offering a free urinalysis when you sign up for treatment. Just show us your receipt upon filling out the new patient forms you will be given.

Our urology center offers ambulatory services, as well. If you need a minor surgical procedure that doesn’t require expensive hospitalization, you can have it here, and then spend a few hours in our special recovery areas. Once you feel better, you can go home, thus avoiding the high fees of hospital stays.

We are accredited and certified to provide this type of medical services, so you can rest assured you’re going to benefit from the best care available today. Moreover, we take pride in being among the first medical facilities that offer the public a wealth of information in the field of urology. We believe that by educating our patients to understand how their bodies work, we help them ask for medical advice early on, therefore being easier to treat. Being diagnosed early can make the difference between minor treatments and difficult surgeries followed by long periods of medical care. The sooner you become aware of a urology problem, the easier it’s going to be to have it addressed and healed. Prostate disease, for instance, can be perfectly managed, provided that it is diagnosed early and the patient is committed to cooperate with the doctors. On the contrary, this can be a lethal condition when discovered in its advanced stages of evolution.

We encourage you to take advantage of our high-quality services, and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, should you feel something is wrong with your urinary or reproductive system. A few simple tests and an in-depth discussion with a medical professional can help you rule out the possibility of urologic cancer or impotence. Our specialists can diagnose and treat all your urological problems, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule your consultation today! We can help you treat your problems and prevent severe complications so that you can maintain your health and quality of life.

Urological disorders include infections of the urinary tract, kidney stones, problems with bladder control, and prostate problems. Check out this link and read some topics about it and be aware of it.